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(Citrus x limon)

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Lemon trees are a familiar sight in the Phoenix area. They produce an abundant supply of fruit and are a pleasant sight to any landscape.  There are many varieties of lemon trees.  Among them are Lisbon Lemon, Meyer Lemon, Eureka Lemon, Pink Eureka Lemon, Ponderosa Lemon, as well as dwarf varieties.

The Lisbon Lemon is highly productive, heat tolerant, and one of the most widely grown lemons. It grows vigorously, producing several crops per year, but the main crop is winter and early spring. Its medium sized fruit is found within the canopy of the tree.  It ripens between January and February.

The Eureka Lemon is very acidic with few seeds. It is a better lemon to squeeze, but harder to peel.  The lemons hold onto the tree well so they won’t be falling off the tree as much as other lemon trees.

The Pink Eureka Lemon has white and light green variegated, fragrant foliage.  The fruit has a tangy and tart, lip-puckering flavor, with very few seeds.

The Meyer Lemon is a dwarf variety, (10′ to 15′ tall) and is sweeter than other lemons.  The sugar level makes them a favorite of chefs.

The Ponderosa Lemon is used to make juice, to flavor dishes, and in desserts, or even eaten raw.  They have a thick, bumpy rind.  Choose fruit that is firm, bright yellow and that feel heavy for their size, indicating a lot of juice.  Ponderosa lemons are very high in vitamin C.

Mature citrus trees should be fertilized in February, May and September.

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Asia, India

Size (H x W)

25' Tall, Dwarf Varieties 10' to 15' Tall


Full Sun


Slow, Deep