We offer a full range of professional lawn and garden tools – from pruners, shears and loppers to saws, shovels and rakes.

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  • Corona Cultivator

    Cultivator by Corona

    A light weight, polished aluminum tool with a cushioned grip.  This cultivator has 3 rigid tines to penetrate hard ground.

  • Corona Drain Spade

    Drain Spade by Corona

    For efficient digging of deep, round-bottom drains and trenches.  It has a tapered round-nose, cupped, thick, tempered steel blade for long service life. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Corona Folding Saw

    Folding Pruning Saw by Corona

    A folding pruning saw with a razor tooth 10″ blade.

  • Bond Fruit Picker

    Fruit Picker by Bond

    A fruit harvester with a vinyl coated head and 8 ft. wood handle.  The heavy wire basket construction with a foam cushion prevents bruising.

  • Gilmour Flexogen Garden Hose

    Garden Hose by Gilmour

    Gilmour, the heavy duty garden hose we sell, is the most durable hose. It is the last hose you will ever buy.

  • Corona Hedge Shear

    Hedge Shear by Corona

    These shears have resharpenable, forged steel alloy blades.  Along with the top grade hardwood handles and comfortable non-slip drips, they have a limb notch for larger branches. Another fine tool by Corona.

  • Corona Leather Scabbard

    Leather Scabbard by Corona

    Made of top-grain leather construction, stitched and riveted for durability.  Belt clip and loops included.  Fits most hand pruners.

  • Corona Lopper

    Loppers by Corona

    Loppers are a type of large scissor used for pruning twigs and small branches. This pruning tool is designed for maximum precision and efficiency while being comfortable to use.  Choice of 24″ or 26″.  

  • Corona Pitch Fork

    Pitch Fork by Corona

    A 4 tine, medium to heavy duty fork, for moving manure, compost, planting mix and other dense, damp material.  This pitch fork has a forged tempered head for maximum strength and long service life.

  • Corona ByPass Pruner

    Pruners by Corona

    You can depend on Corona Classic Cut Bypass Pruners.  Crafted out of forged steel for the professional gardener and designed for easy cutting.  The 1″ or 3/4″ diameter sap groove keeps blades from sticking.  They also have a wire cutting notch. You won`t need the guarantee that comes with a … Read More

  • Corona Pruning Saws

    Pruning Saws by Corona

    Used for trimming small limbs quickly, pruning saws work better than a regular saw on sticky, gummy limbs.  Each Corona pruning saw has 3-sided razor teeth for efficient cutting, a cushioned molded pistol grip, and a replaceable blade designed to cut medium to large branches.  It also has a convenient … Read More

  • Corona Bow Rake

    Rakes by Corona

    The Corona Bow Rake has curved tines to efficiently gather and move soil.  Its 60″ extra long ash wood handle allows working in an upright position, reducing back strain. The Corona Fixed Leaf Rake’s bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all tines for maximum raking efficiency.  It has an anti-slip … Read More

  • Corona Square Head Shovel

    Shovels by Corona

    Corona shovels have a strong, tempered steel blade and fiberglass handle with cushion grip. A round head shovel allows easy penetration of materials.  A square head shovel is designed for efficient lifting and moving of loose material. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Corona Transplanter

    Transplanter by Corona

    A light weight, polished aluminum tool with a cushioned grip ideal for flower pots. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Corona Tree Pruner

    Tree Pruner by Corona

    It is dangerous to stand on a ladder and use a saw to prune trees. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and use a pole tree pruner for high branches. The Corona tree pruner has a durable rope drive, a compound-action pulley system that triples your cutting power, … Read More

  • Corona Trench Shovel

    Trench Shovel by Corona

    Trench shovels have a V-angled head for efficient digging and cleaning of trenches.  They minimize bending and reduce back strain.