Garden hats and gloves, tomato cages, tree wrap and tree trunk paints. Whatever your gardening needs, you will probably find it here. Tree staking items and trellis mounting kits are also available.

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  • Easy Gardener Cloud Cover

    Cloud Cover

    Cloud Cover reduces water loss and protects plants from environmental extremes such as wind, winter cold, and summer heat.  It can reduce transplant shock, keeping plants from drying out before their root systems develop.  

  • green king deep drip watering stake

    Deep Drip Watering Stake

    Green King Watering Stakes are designed to efficiently and effectively water your trees, shrubs, and plants directly at the roots.  They help conserve up to 50% of your outdoor water use by avoiding water loss due to evaporation and run-off.  The stakes also allow you to aerate and fertilize the … Read More

  • N-Sulate Frost Cloth

    Frost Cloth

    Don’t be left out in the cold!  Buy your frost cloth at Elgin Nursery. Frost cloth will save your plants when the temperature drops below 35 degrees. Sold by the foot or by the roll. Our staff can tell you which plants are frost sensitive and need covered.

  • Lake Valley Garden Seeds

    Garden Seeds

    Whatever garden seeds you are looking for, you can find it here. Just ask one of our friendly sales staff to help you with your selection.  Lake Valley flower, vegetable, and herb seeds.

  • Boss Leather Palm

    Gardening Gloves

    Protect your hands from the elements by purchasing a pair of gardening gloves from our lawn and garden center.  Boss Leather Palm and Pigskin gloves are known for protection, endurance, comfort, and mobility.

  • Bush Doctor Coconut Coir

    Hydrofarm Coco Plant Mix

    Hydrofarm Coco Loco is organic.  It promotes root growth for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more and is ideal for hydroponic systems.

  • Mark It Blue

    Mark It Blue

    Mark It Blue is a concentrated blue colorant designed to provide temporary highly visible evidence of spray application patterns.  It dissipates, is non-toxic, and compatible with water soluble solutions. Monterey

  • Palm Leaf Lifeguard Hat

    Palm Leaf Hat Assortment

    Protect yourself from the Phoenix sun. We have a variety of hats to choose from.

  • Sandstone Shade Fabric

    Shade Fabric

    Coolaroo Shade Fabric, known for its all weather durability and unmatched style has levels of UV protection to suit your patio and garden needs.  Manufactured to be stain resistant, mold and mildew free, sold by the foot or by the roll.  This item comes in colors of Sandstone (pictured), Black, … Read More

  • Soil Moist Granules

    Soil Moist

    Soil Moist reduces the amount of water needed to maintain vigorous plants. When mixed into the soil, the crystals will soften and swell as water is added and absorbed. When the soil becomes dry the polymer will release its water to the plant. Soil Moist acts as a reservoir, even … Read More

  • Hi-Yield Spreader Stick

    Spreader Sticker

    Spreader Sticker increases absorption, and sticking of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers, giving complete and total coverage on surfaces. Hi-Yield

  • Hi-Yield Tomato and Pepper Set

    Tomato and Pepper Set

    This ready to use Hi-Yield product makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather.  It is used to promote flowering, increase blossom set, reduce end rot, and increase fruit yield.  Tomato and Pepper Set will produce larger, meatier tomatoes, ripening up to 3 week earlier.

  • Tomato Cage

    Tomato Cages

    After fertilizing your healthy tomato plants, they will need room to keep growing and producing fruit.  Sold in three sizes of small 33″, medium 42″ and large 54″ , get your tomato cages at Elgin Nursery.

  • Dalen Tree Guard

    Tree Guard

    Dalen Protective Tree Guard protects young trees from mower and trimmer damage.  The interlocking design adjusts to tree size.

  • Dand-o-line Plastic Coated Wire

    Tree Staking Wire

    Anchor Dand-O-Line wire is used for tying trees. The blue wire is a braided, stronger wire.

  • White Tree Trunk Paint

    Tree Trunk Paint (AZ Best)

    Used on the trunks of trees in the hot, desert areas, to prevent sunburn on fruit, citrus, ash, and ficus trees.  Arizona’s Best White Tree Trunk Paint is a non-toxic formula that reflects the sun’s UV-rays.  It is easy to apply by brush, spray, or roller.  

  • Brown Tree Trunk Paint

    Tree Trunk Paint (Go Natural)

    Used to prevent sunburn on fruit, citrus, ash, and ficus trees. Go Natural is a brown tree trunk paint that is manufactured using a powdered colorant which provides a stronger adherence to the tree trunk.  It is sold by the quart and gallon.  

  • DeWitt Tree Wrap

    Tree Wrap

    Tree Wrap protects young trees from the sun. It is also used for thin barked trees and exposed trees. DeWitt Tree Wrap – 3″ x 50′ of breathable fabric.

  • Trellis Mounting Kit

    Trellis Mounting Kit

    Show off those gorgeous vines!  Display it on a trellis.

  • Tie It Rite Vine Support Anchors

    Vine Support Anchors

    Tie It Rite Vine Support Anchors to support your vines.

  • Watering Wands

    Water Wand

    Dramm One Touch Rain Wand has been reviewed as one of the best.  Just a touch of your thumb makes the water flow, saving spilled water and saving you from fatigue.  This garden watering wand is constructed from rubber over molded die-cast zinc with machined brass threads and is available … Read More