Identify the disease or fungus that is infecting your plants. Get the recommended care and treatment to keep your plants healthy.

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  • Black Spot

    Black Spot

    This rose disease is caused by a fungus on rose canes and fallen leaves that thrives in warm, moist environments. Spores spread to other plant parts via splashing rain or overhead watering. It appears on young leaves as black circles with irregular margins. It grows to about 1″ wide and … Read More

  • Canker


    Cankers are dark, sunken spots formed on stems and crowns, caused by fungi in the soil. As the cankers enlarge, the stems collapse and the foliage wilts and dies. To reduce the threat of fungal disease, keep plants on the dry side, avoid overcrowding, and plant in beds where there … Read More

  • Leaf and Stem Blight

    Leaf and Stem Blight

    The disease moves through low foliage as spores are spread by wind and water. It worsens when the groundcover holds in moisture during warm, wet weather. Leaves turn yellow, tan or gray, then brown as they shrivel and die. Remove infected material and increase air circulation.

  • Powdery Mildew

    Powdery Mildew

    This fungal disease can be seen by its white, powdery material that forms on leaves and stems. It is found in dry, humid conditions and in the absence of rain. Trees are left with stunted leaves that detract. It is a problem seen in Crape Myrtles.

  • Rust


    Orange colored rust pustules accumulate on the undersides of leaves, causing the upper surfaces to appear spotted. Leaves may drop if the fungal infection is severe. Snapdragons are prone to rust. Removing leaves will destroy the fungal spores. Treat with Dusting Sulphur or a Neem Oil product.

  • Scab Disease

    Scab Disease

    This is a fruit tree disease. Treat with sulphur at the first hint of infection and to keep mildew outbreaks from taking over plants.