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  • Alfalfa Meal

    Alfalfa Meal

    Down To Earth Alfalfa Meal promotes accelerated growth and plant development.  It is brimming with the nutrients that your plants need for growth and development.  This organic fertilizer an be used on vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees and is highly recommended for roses.  The non-gmo alfalfa this meal comes … Read More

  • Arizona's Best Alka Liche

    Alka Liche

    Alka Liche breaks up hard soil for better water penetration.

  • Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer

    All Purpose Fertilizer

    Recommended fertilizer of choice for all plants. It is natural and organic. Happy Frog

  • Arizona's Best Ammonium Phosphate

    Ammonium Phosphate

    Soluble in water, this fertilizer puts a high source of nitrogen into the soil, making it rich for plant growth. Ideal for lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens, and citrus. Arizona Best 16-20-0 Lawn & Garden

  • Azomite Powder


    Perfect for supplementing depleted soils or mineral deficient growing media, Azomite provides slow release, organic nutrition.  Down To Earth Azomite comes in a granular and a powder form, sourced from the dust of an ancient volcano in central Utah.  It can improve plant and root system growth, crop yields, quality … Read More

  • Happy Frog Bat Guano

    Bat Guano

    This high phosphorus product is considered to be the fertilizer of choice to build stronger roots, stems, and abundant vegetable yields. It revitalizes soil structure and improves plant vigor. Apply it to vegetable gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns.

  • Bird X Protective Netting

    Bird Netting

    Look for bird netting in the repellent section of our garden center.

  • Hi-Yield Blood Meal

    Blood Meal

    This dry organic fertilizer promotes green, vigorous growth for all annuals, perennials, shrubs and potted plants. Nitrogen feedings can help plants grow beautiful foliage all season long. HI-YIELD

  • Hi-Yield Bone Meal

    Bone Meal

    This dry organic fertilizer feeds blooming plants with extra phosphorus to enhance root development and provide extra color to beautiful blooms all season. It is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants. HI-YIELD

  • Bush Doctor Boomerang


    FoxFarm Bush Doctor Boomerang lends a hand when the stresses of temperature fluctuations, unintentional neglect, and mineral salt build up knock your beauties down.  The soil microbes help support the root zone.  It can also be used as a vegetative supplement.  It contains nutrition that is immediately available to plants.  … Read More

  • Gro More Cactus Juice

    Cactus Juice

    This is a liquid fertilizer ideal for cactus and succulents.  Contains cactus loving calcium.

  • Gro Well Cactus Mix

    Cactus Mix

    Use Cactus Mix to raise strong, thriving cactus and succulent plants.  Using a natural slow-release plant food, this mix offers an outstanding medium for either planting or re-potting cactus and similar succulent plants.  It is composed of organic compost, coarse horticultural sand, vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss.  Use this product … Read More

  • Arizona's Best Super Iron Chelate

    Chelate Iron

    If you notice your plants turning yellow, this could be iron deficiency. Chelate Iron corrects iron deficiency in plants.

  • Citrus Food

    This fertilizer for Citrus trees is used for established trees in February, May, and September in Phoenix. Its blend of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potash, and other micro nutrients is the most complete food for growing citrus, designed for Southwestern soils.  

  • Easy Gardener Cloud Cover

    Cloud Cover

    Cloud Cover reduces water loss and protects plants from environmental extremes such as wind, winter cold, and summer heat.  It can reduce transplant shock, keeping plants from drying out before their root systems develop.  

  • Bio Flora Compost


    Bio Flora is a rich, dark compost fortified with humic acid, which improves the absorption and retention of water and nutrients at the root zone.

  • DTE Cottonseed Meal

    Cottonseed Meal

    Down to Earth Cottonseed Meal is used to feed plants that thrive in lower pH soils, such as berries, flowering shrubs and evergreen trees.  DTE Cottonseed Meal is a high quality plant derived source of nitrogen and can be applied throughout the growing season to promote green growth and optimum … Read More

  • Corona Cultivator

    Cultivator by Corona

    A light weight, polished aluminum tool with a cushioned grip.  This cultivator has 3 rigid tines to penetrate hard ground.

  • Captain Jacks Dead Bug

    Dead Bug Brew

    Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew contains a bacteria that caterpillars will ingest and then die.  It works very well on worms and caterpillars without harming beneficial insects.  Bonide Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew is approved for organic gardening to control a wide range of insect pests, including bagworms, borers, beetles, … Read More

  • green king deep drip watering stake

    Deep Drip Watering Stake

    Green King Watering Stakes are designed to efficiently and effectively water your trees, shrubs, and plants directly at the roots.  They help conserve up to 50% of your outdoor water use by avoiding water loss due to evaporation and run-off.  The stakes also allow you to aerate and fertilize the … Read More

  • Monterey Disease Control

    Disease Control

    Monterey Disease Control is a broad spectrum preventative bio-fungicide that can be used as a spray to foliage and fruit or as a drench to plant roots.  It is a blend of naturally occurring ingredients that control plant foliage diseases.  All stages of the disease is controlled, but applying before … Read More

  • Corona Drain Spade

    Drain Spade by Corona

    For efficient digging of deep, round-bottom drains and trenches.  It has a tapered round-nose, cupped, thick, tempered steel blade for long service life. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Worm Gold Plus

    Earthworm Castings

    Worm Gold Plus Earthworm Castings eliminate the need for artificial or chemical foods in your plants.  Once worm castings have been added to your soil, your plants will draw essential nutrients from the castings.  They are odorless and safe around kids and pets.  An organic way to super charge your … Read More

  • Natures Way Deoderized Manure

    El Toro Deodorized Manure

    Manure improves conditioning properties of soil. El Toro Deodorized Manure is composted, finely ground and screened.  It contains aged wood waste.

  • El Toro Steer Manure

    El Toro Steer Manure

    This steer manure compost is screened and weed free.  It is an inexpensive soil amendment used in spring and fall.  Primarily used as a seed cover, El Toro Steer Manure provides nutrients for your garden.

  • Agriform Tablets

    Fertilizer Tablets

    BEST TABS Agriform fertilizer tablets use a slow release technology for long term nutrient release.  They are a compact, easy to use, safe plant food which feeds for up to two years, eliminating the need for measuring small quantities of dry materials.

  • Bio Fish

    Fish Meal

    Down to Earth’s Bio Fish 7-7-2 is an all-purpose, nutrient-rich fertilizer ideal for vegetable gardens and all types of outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs.  It provides a good source of nitrogen and phosphorus.  DTE Bio Fish can be used throughout the growing season to promote vigorous growth, plentiful fruit, and … Read More

  • Monterey Floral Growth Regulator

    Floral Growth Regulator

    This product prevents fruit formation on apple, buckeye, carob, cottonwood, crabapple, elm, flowering pear, maple, oak, and olive trees. It is used mainly on olive trees in the Phoenix area. It also controls mistletoe.

  • Corona Folding Saw

    Folding Pruning Saw by Corona

    A folding pruning saw with a razor tooth 10″ blade.

  • N-Sulate Frost Cloth

    Frost Cloth

    Don’t be left out in the cold!  Buy your frost cloth at Elgin Nursery. Frost cloth will save your plants when the temperature drops below 35 degrees. Sold by the foot or by the roll. Our staff can tell you which plants are frost sensitive and need covered.

  • Gro More Seaweed Extract

    Fruit and Flower Fertilizer

    Recommended fertilizer of choice for all plants. It is natural and organic.  

  • Bond Fruit Picker

    Fruit Picker by Bond

    A fruit harvester with a vinyl coated head and 8 ft. wood handle.  The heavy wire basket construction with a foam cushion prevents bruising.

  • Fertilome Fruit Citrus Pecan Fertilizer

    Fruit, Citrus, and Pecan Tree Food

    Fertilize your fruit, nut, and citrus trees with this product.  Ideal for use on all types of nut and fruit trees.  Helps promote vigorous tree growth and generous yields of nuts or fruits. Fertilome

  • Gilmour Flexogen Garden Hose

    Garden Hose by Gilmour

    Gilmour, the heavy duty garden hose we sell, is the most durable hose. It is the last hose you will ever buy.

  • Lake Valley Garden Seeds

    Garden Seeds

    Whatever garden seeds you are looking for, you can find it here. Just ask one of our friendly sales staff to help you with your selection.  Lake Valley flower, vegetable, and herb seeds.

  • Hi-Yield Garden Pest Livestock Dust

    Garden, Pet & Livestock Dust

    Hi-Yield Garden, Pet and Livestock Dust is a ready to use Permethrin insecticide dust for ornamental and vegetable gardens, dogs, and livestock.  This product controls over 60 pests including Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Armyworms, Colorado Potato Beetles, Squash Bugs, Loppers, Beetles, and Borers.  It can be used until one day before … Read More

  • Boss Leather Palm

    Gardening Gloves

    Protect your hands from the elements by purchasing a pair of gardening gloves from our lawn and garden center.  Boss Leather Palm and Pigskin gloves are known for protection, endurance, comfort, and mobility.

  • Gonzo Gopher Trap

    Gopher Trap

    Gonzo Dead End Gopher Trap provides a safe, effective means to control gophers.  Find an active tunnel. Remove soil with trowel or spade to expose the open tunnel, install and seal perimeter with loose soil to ensure no light enters the tunnel.  Gophers are active at night and early morning … Read More

  • Fertilome Green Maker

    Green Maker

    Green Maker is a grass fertilizer sold in garden centers and plant nurseries in Arizona. It is a premium lawn food especially formulated for alkaline soils.  Iron makes lawns greener.  You will see best results when used every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season. Fertilome

  • Greensand


    Traditionally used to loosen heavy clay soil or to hold together loose, sandy soils, Down To Earth Greensand is able to absorb up to one-third its weight in water to improve the moisture holding capacity of garden soils and potting mixes.  DTE Greensand is highly recommended as a soil amendment … Read More

  • Soil Magic Garden Gypsum


    This fast acting lawn and garden soil conditioner can be used any time during the growing season.  Soil Magic Lawn and Garden Gypsum corrects soil compaction and hard clay by adding plant ready nutrients, calcium, and sulfur.  Gypsum also improves water penetration and drainage.

  • Corona Hedge Shear

    Hedge Shear by Corona

    These shears have resharpenable, forged steel alloy blades.  Along with the top grade hardwood handles and comfortable non-slip drips, they have a limb notch for larger branches. Another fine tool by Corona.

  • Humic Acids

    Humic Acids

    Humic Acids high carbon content provides food for microbes, thereby improving soil ecology.  The primary benefit is their ability to chelate (grab and bond to) nutrients.  Carefully mined from one of the world’s richest deposits, Down To Earth Granular Humic Acids is derived from the ancient remains of decomposed organic … Read More

  • Bush Doctor Coconut Coir

    Hydrofarm Coco Plant Mix

    Hydrofarm Coco Loco is organic.  It promotes root growth for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more and is ideal for hydroponic systems.

  • Hi-Yield Indoor Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide

    Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide

    This Hi-Yield insecticide controls a wide variety of turf, garden, and ornamental pests.  It can be used inside homes, in home gardens for labeled fruits and vegetables, and on ornamental plants and lawns around residential, industrial, commercial, and other non-agricultural outdoor areas.

  • Kelp Meal

    Dr. Earth Kelp Meal is a superior raw material that actually invigorates and improves the biological life of your soil.  Perfect for vegetable gardens, roses, trees, shrubs, and tropical plants. Down To Earth Kelp Meal is pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  … Read More

  • Hi-Yield Kill-a-Bug

    Kill A Bug II

    A formula to kill bugs in lawns, comes in granules and ready to use spray.  It has a 4 – 6 week residual keeping bugs away.

  • Hi-Yield Killzall

    Killzall Weed & Grass Killer

    Hi-Yield Killzall Weed & Grass Killer is a post-emergent, non-selective herbicide with a multiple use formulation.  Killzall contains a formulation that dries fast to start working quickly to eliminate systemically broadleaf or grassy weeds, for lawn renovation, prevents stump regrowth, and areas near fences, paths, patios, driveways, and buildings.

  • Orcon Lady Bugs

    Lady Bugs

    Lady bugs feed on aphids and scale insects. They are used as a natural, organic means of pest control for gardens and orchards.  They dine only on insects and do not harm vegetation in any way.  Release lady bugs after sundown since they only fly in the daytime. Orcon

  • Orcon Lady Bugs and Lacewings

    Ladybug and Lacewing Power Pack

    Lacewings are predators of many species of pest insects and mites.  The Ladybug and Lacewings power pack from Orcon provides two beneficial insects in one package.  They are an effective, organic way to combat pests.

  • Fertilome Landscape and Garden Fungicide

    Landscape and Garden Fungicide

    Fungicides are used to kill or inhibit fungal spores that can cause serious damage in agriculture.  Landscape and Garden Fungicide will control many diseases like blights, spots, mildews, and scabs for up to two weeks on a variety of ornamentals, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Fertilome

  • Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron

    Lawn Food Plus Iron

    Contains iron for greening power.  Use early spring and early fall.

  • Corona Leather Scabbard

    Leather Scabbard by Corona

    Made of top-grain leather construction, stitched and riveted for durability.  Belt clip and loops included.  Fits most hand pruners.

  • Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent

    Liquid Fence Animal Repellents

    Liquid Fence is a long lasting, rain resistant, environmentally safe repellent that will not harm plants or animals. It will keep animals away from landscape beds, trees, shrubs, and garbage cans, lasting for a week or more.  Try Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit repellent and Liquid Fence Dog and Cat … Read More

  • Corona Lopper

    Loppers by Corona

    Loppers are a type of large scissor used for pruning twigs and small branches. This pruning tool is designed for maximum precision and efficiency while being comfortable to use.  Choice of 24″ or 26″.  

  • Hi-Yield Malathion


    Malathion is a crawling insect killer. Use this product to eliminate aphids, scale and mites. Hi-Yield

  • Arizona's Best Manganese Sulfate

    Manganese Sulfate

    This product corrects manganese deficiency in palm trees. It is used mostly for Queen Palms. If you notice frizzle top, it should be added to any fertilizer regiment. Arizona’s Best

  • Fox Farm Marine Cuisine

    Marine Cuisine

    FoxFarm Marine Cuisine fertilizer is a powerful blend of balanced plant foods combined with Pacific Northwest sea-going fish, crab meal, shrimp meal, bat guano, and plenty of earthworm castings.  It is nature’s finest soil amendment.

  • Mark It Blue

    Mark It Blue

    Mark It Blue is a concentrated blue colorant designed to provide temporary highly visible evidence of spray application patterns.  It dissipates, is non-toxic, and compatible with water soluble solutions. Monterey

  • Mulch

    Mulch is the best weed prevention technique. It smothers emerging weed seeds as they germinate and makes it easier to pull out those that persevere through the mulch layer. If a plant is susceptible to a soil-borne disease, mulching around its base will keep disease-bearing soil from splashing up onto … Read More

  • Green Light Neem

    Neem Concentrate

    This may be applied to fruits and vegetables to kill aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, scale and many other insect pests.  It is an organic product that also controls fungus and mildew.

  • Fertilome New Lawn Starter

    New Lawn Starter

    Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer helps get your new lawn off to a great start by helping your grass to grow healthy root systems more rapidly, which lets your lawn grow in quicker and greener.  Apply with your grass seed as you seed your lawn or immediately afterwards.

  • Fox Farm Open Sesame

    Open Sesame

    Open Sesame is a high-phosphorus soluble fertilizer that is designed for use during the early weeks of flowering to support vigorous blooming and bud development.

  • Osmocote Outdoor and Indoor


    This outdoor and indoor plant food is ideal to use when planting new container or bedding plants. It contains a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium to produce and maintain healthy leaves and promote strong root growth and flower formation.

  • Palm Leaf Lifeguard Hat

    Palm Leaf Hat Assortment

    Protect yourself from the Phoenix sun. We have a variety of hats to choose from.

  • Arizona's Best Palm Tree Food

    Palm Tree Food

    Specifically formulated with the nutrients needed for palm trees to thrive.

  • Perennial Rye Grass Seed

    Perennial Rye Grass Seed

    Winter grass seed is planted Oct. – Nov. in Phoenix.  We have great package prices to offer our customers.

  • Gro Well Perlite


    Horticultural Perlite is an indispensable soil amendment.  Use it for amending poor draining, heavy soils and for helping to reduce caking in potting soil mixes.  With a unique mineral structure, it helps improve aeration while also increasing pore space for enhanced drainage.  It is formed from naturally occurring volcanic ash … Read More

  • Corona Pitch Fork

    Pitch Fork by Corona

    A 4 tine, medium to heavy duty fork, for moving manure, compost, planting mix and other dense, damp material.  This pitch fork has a forged tempered head for maximum strength and long service life.

  • Garden Time Play Sand

    Play Sand

    Garden Time Play Sand is a fine-grained sand similar to beaches.  It can be used in mortar to lay bricks or as a base material under pavers or flagstone.

  • Happy Frog Potting Soil

    Potting Soil

    Nutrient rich, Happy Frog Potting Soil is recommended for container gardens.  Ready to use right out of the bag, it is PH adjusted to allow for maximum nutrient uptake.  You will benefit from using this product with strong plant structure, vigorous vegetative growth, and enhanced fruit and flower production.   … Read More

  • Gro Well Premium Potting Mix

    Potting Soil Mix

    Potting soil mix has the formula needed to raise strong, thriving plants with beautiful foliage and blooms.  GRO-WELL Premium Potting Soil Mix has been carefully formulated for transplanting seedlings into containers and for re-potting indoor plants.  This premium quality product is composed of organic compost, composted bark and/or sphagnum peat … Read More

  • Orcon Praying Mantids

    Praying Mantids

    Praying mantids consume garden pests. They are beneficial insects that kill a wide variety of pests, such as aphids, caterpillars, grubs, beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers.  Praying mantids do not fly so they remain in the area where they are released.  An organic repellent. ORCON

  • Corona ByPass Pruner

    Pruners by Corona

    You can depend on Corona Classic Cut Bypass Pruners.  Crafted out of forged steel for the professional gardener and designed for easy cutting.  The 1″ or 3/4″ diameter sap groove keeps blades from sticking.  They also have a wire cutting notch. You won`t need the guarantee that comes with a … Read More

  • Corona Pruning Saws

    Pruning Saws by Corona

    Used for trimming small limbs quickly, pruning saws work better than a regular saw on sticky, gummy limbs.  Each Corona pruning saw has 3-sided razor teeth for efficient cutting, a cushioned molded pistol grip, and a replaceable blade designed to cut medium to large branches.  It also has a convenient … Read More

  • Corona Bow Rake

    Rakes by Corona

    The Corona Bow Rake has curved tines to efficiently gather and move soil.  Its 60″ extra long ash wood handle allows working in an upright position, reducing back strain. The Corona Fixed Leaf Rake’s bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all tines for maximum raking efficiency.  It has an anti-slip … Read More

  • Bush Doctor Root Drench

    Root Drench

    Bush Doctor Kangaroots is a liquid root drench formulation designed to enhance root efficiency.  It contains nutrients which are immediately available to plants.  It contains soil microbes to support the root zone and help plants achieve enhanced nutrient uptake.  Based on natural and organic ingredients, it contains earthworm castings, manganese … Read More

  • Fertilome Root Stimulator

    Root Stimulator

    This stimulates early root formation and stronger root development, reduces transplant shock, and helps your plants flourish. Use every time you plant trees, shrubs, roses, annuals and perennials. Fertilome

  • Dr. Earth Rose and Flower Fertilizer

    Rose and Flower Fertilizer

    Dr. Earth Rose & Flower fertilizer is great for all roses, flowers, flowering trees, and shrubs, as well as annuals and perennials.  No synthetic chemicals, chicken manure or toxic ingredients.  Handcrafted from feed grade ingredients.  Enriched with organic nutrients found naturally in land plants, ocean plants, fish, fish bones, and … Read More

  • Bonide Rot Stop

    Rot Stop

    Blossom end rot is caused by the lack of calcium in the soil.  Usually it occurs in the summer when it is hot and dry, when the tomatoes get too dry between watering.  Use Bonide Rot Stop to add calcium to the plant by spraying it on the plant.  Watering … Read More