Soil structure is important for the growth of healthy plants and crops. A soil amendment is any material added to a soil to improve its water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots. It must be thoroughly mixed into the soil to work well.

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  • Gro Well Cactus Mix

    Cactus Mix

    Use Cactus Mix to raise strong, thriving cactus and succulent plants.  Using a natural slow-release plant food, this mix offers an outstanding medium for either planting or re-potting cactus and similar succulent plants.  It is composed of organic compost, coarse horticultural sand, vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss.  Use this product … Read More

  • Bio Flora Compost


    Bio Flora is a rich, dark compost fortified with humic acid, which improves the absorption and retention of water and nutrients at the root zone.

  • Natures Way Deoderized Manure

    El Toro Deodorized Manure

    Manure improves conditioning properties of soil. El Toro Deodorized Manure is composted, finely ground and screened.  It contains aged wood waste.

  • El Toro Steer Manure

    El Toro Steer Manure

    This steer manure compost is screened and weed free.  It is an inexpensive soil amendment used in spring and fall.  Primarily used as a seed cover, El Toro Steer Manure provides nutrients for your garden.

  • Soil Magic Garden Gypsum


    This fast acting lawn and garden soil conditioner can be used any time during the growing season.  Soil Magic Lawn and Garden Gypsum corrects soil compaction and hard clay by adding plant ready nutrients, calcium, and sulfur.  Gypsum also improves water penetration and drainage.

  • Mulch

    Mulch is the best weed prevention technique. It smothers emerging weed seeds as they germinate and makes it easier to pull out those that persevere through the mulch layer. If a plant is susceptible to a soil-borne disease, mulching around its base will keep disease-bearing soil from splashing up onto … Read More

  • Gro Well Perlite


    Horticultural Perlite is an indispensable soil amendment.  Use it for amending poor draining, heavy soils and for helping to reduce caking in potting soil mixes.  With a unique mineral structure, it helps improve aeration while also increasing pore space for enhanced drainage.  It is formed from naturally occurring volcanic ash … Read More

  • Garden Time Play Sand

    Play Sand

    Garden Time Play Sand is a fine-grained sand similar to beaches.  It can be used in mortar to lay bricks or as a base material under pavers or flagstone.

  • Happy Frog Potting Soil

    Potting Soil

    Nutrient rich, Happy Frog Potting Soil is recommended for container gardens.  Ready to use right out of the bag, it is PH adjusted to allow for maximum nutrient uptake.  You will benefit from using this product with strong plant structure, vigorous vegetative growth, and enhanced fruit and flower production.   … Read More

  • Gro Well Premium Potting Mix

    Potting Soil Mix

    Potting soil mix has the formula needed to raise strong, thriving plants with beautiful foliage and blooms.  GRO-WELL Premium Potting Soil Mix has been carefully formulated for transplanting seedlings into containers and for re-potting indoor plants.  This premium quality product is composed of organic compost, composted bark and/or sphagnum peat … Read More

  • Omni Seed Cover Planting Compost

    Seed Cover and Compost

    Omni Seed Cover & Planting Compost is formulated to retain moisture and enhance soil structure.  It helps soften and loosen soil to provide for better root establishment.  Seed Cover & Planting Compost is ideal as a seed cover for new or reseeded lawn and as a top dressing in flower … Read More

  • Gro Well Seed Starter Mix

    Seed Starter Mix

    This mix has been formulated for outstanding results in seed starting or transplanting.  This premium quality organic product is composed of perlite, vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss.  It creates a soil that is light in weight, with excellent drainage properties.  Water and nutrients are absorbed and retained in the soil’s … Read More

  • Soil Acidifier

    Soil Acidifier

    This product reduces alkalinity in soils and supplies sulphur and chelated iron, zinc, and copper. It corrects iron deficiency in chlorotic plants and lawns, indicated by yellow leaves.

  • Happy Frog Soil Conditioner

    Soil Conditioner

    In every bag of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner you will find finely-screened, aged forest products, earthworm castings, humic acid, and bat guano that increase root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake.

  • Gro Well Vermiculite


    Horticultural Vermiculite is an essential product for all gardeners who care about raising beautiful plants.  It is superb for amending poor draining, heavy soils and for improving water retention.  The unique mineral structure allows it to increase aeration, and its vast surface area an absorb copious amounts of water.