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  • Concrete Patio Bench

    Concrete Art Gallery

    Many choices that make a unique addition to your landscape.  Inventory from local artisans arriving weekly.  Pictured items may not always be in stock.

  • Boss Leather Palm

    Gardening Gloves

    Protect your hands from the elements by purchasing a pair of gardening gloves from our lawn and garden center.  Boss Leather Palm and Pigskin gloves are known for protection, endurance, comfort, and mobility.

  • Elgin Nursery Gift Card

    Gift Cards Available

    Gift cards are available in any amount. They make great gifts for any Special Occasion or Thank You Gifts.

  • Hanging Baskets

    We pride ourselves on the premium quality of all our plant material. Our hanging baskets are gorgeous! Blooming hanging baskets are beautiful accents to any Arizona patio. A perfect gift for any occasion! Give them a touch of spring with our gorgeous hanging baskets. When you care enough to get … Read More

  • Metal Dragon

    Metal Art Gallery

    We have several unique pieces of iron art to choose from.

  • Palm Leaf Lifeguard Hat

    Palm Leaf Hat Assortment

    Protect yourself from the Phoenix sun. We have a variety of hats to choose from.

  • Pottery

    There are many different sizes and colors of pottery sets to choose from. Whether buying for yourself or shopping for a gift, you can never go wrong with a nice accent item. Scroll through the pictures of some of our collections.

  • Rock Art Gallery

    Our handcrafted rock art is extraordinary. Don`t miss the opportunity to see it when visiting our nursery. Limited Availability – Not Always in Stock

  • Strawberry Bowls

    Strawberry Bowls

    Strawberry bowls are a way to container garden when you are limited on space.

  • Arched Trellises


    We sell trellises in a variety of shapes and sizes.  A fan trellis, ladder trellis, or espalier trellis can compliment a rose bush or vine in your garden.  Words cannot describe how beautiful our Engard Iron Works metal trellises are.  We have Curved, Lattice, Fan, and Arch metal trellises that … Read More

  • Wall Art Gallery

    When you visit our nursery, don`t forget to check out our wall of yard art.