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  • Hi-Yield Blood Meal

    Blood Meal

    This dry organic fertilizer promotes green, vigorous growth for all annuals, perennials, shrubs and potted plants. Nitrogen feedings can help plants grow beautiful foliage all season long. HI-YIELD

  • Hi-Yield Bone Meal

    Bone Meal

    This dry organic fertilizer feeds blooming plants with extra phosphorus to enhance root development and provide extra color to beautiful blooms all season. It is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants. HI-YIELD

  • Fertilome Fruit Citrus Pecan Fertilizer

    Fruit, Citrus, and Pecan Tree Food

    Fertilize your fruit, nut, and citrus trees with this product.  Ideal for use on all types of nut and fruit trees.  Helps promote vigorous tree growth and generous yields of nuts or fruits. Fertilome

  • Fertilome Green Maker

    Green Maker

    Green Maker is a grass fertilizer sold in garden centers and plant nurseries in Arizona. It is a premium lawn food especially formulated for alkaline soils.  Iron makes lawns greener.  You will see best results when used every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season. Fertilome

  • Hi-Yield Indoor Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide

    Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide

    This Hi-Yield insecticide controls a wide variety of turf, garden, and ornamental pests.  It can be used inside homes, in home gardens for labeled fruits and vegetables, and on ornamental plants and lawns around residential, industrial, commercial, and other non-agricultural outdoor areas.

  • Fertilome Landscape and Garden Fungicide

    Landscape and Garden Fungicide

    Fungicides are used to kill or inhibit fungal spores that can cause serious damage in agriculture.  Landscape and Garden Fungicide will control many diseases like blights, spots, mildews, and scabs for up to two weeks on a variety of ornamentals, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Fertilome

  • Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron

    Lawn Food Plus Iron

    Contains iron for greening power.  Use early spring and early fall.

  • Hi-Yield Malathion


    Malathion is a crawling insect killer. Use this product to eliminate aphids, scale and mites. Hi-Yield

  • Fertilome New Lawn Starter

    New Lawn Starter

    Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer helps get your new lawn off to a great start by helping your grass to grow healthy root systems more rapidly, which lets your lawn grow in quicker and greener.  Apply with your grass seed as you seed your lawn or immediately afterwards.

  • Fertilome Root Stimulator

    Root Stimulator

    This stimulates early root formation and stronger root development, reduces transplant shock, and helps your plants flourish. Use every time you plant trees, shrubs, roses, annuals and perennials. Fertilome

  • Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker

    Spreader Sticker

    This product is used to increase the efficiency of your herbicide or pesticide application, helping it to stick to plants and to penetrate better.

  • Hi-Yield Spreader Stick

    Spreader Sticker

    Spreader Sticker increases absorption, and sticking of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers, giving complete and total coverage on surfaces. Hi-Yield

  • Fertilome Spurge Power

    Spurge Power

    This product is a three way, post emergent, selective broadleaf herbicide for use on residential turf. Fertilome

  • Hi-Yield Stump Remover

    Stump Remover

    Stump remover is a granular potassium nitrate that, when applied, kills and slowly disintegrates.

  • Hi-Yield Tomato and Pepper Set

    Tomato and Pepper Set

    This ready to use Hi-Yield product makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather.  It is used to promote flowering, increase blossom set, reduce end rot, and increase fruit yield.  Tomato and Pepper Set will produce larger, meatier tomatoes, ripening up to 3 week earlier.

  • Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food

    Tree and Shrub Food

    A scientifically formulated tree food that contains penetrating action, which moves the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrub drip line, eliminating the need to dig holes.  Great for all types of trees and shrubs including shade trees, nut trees, evergreens, citrus, tropical and … Read More

  • Fertilome Triple Action

    Triple Action

    This liquid form kills insects organically.  It is most effective when applied in early to mid morning or late afternoon.  Triple Action Plus and Triple Action Plus II has been remade and is now Fertilome Triple Action with 70% Neem Oil in which they have removed the PBO, making it … Read More

  • Fertilome Triple Action Plus

    Triple Action Plus

    Triple Action Plus is a multi purpose insecticide, fungicide, miticide that kills eggs, larval, and adult stages of insects and controls plant diseases.  Triple Action Plus is most effective when applied in early to mid-morning or late afternoon when adult insect pests are normally sedentary on the undersides of the … Read More

  • Hi-Yield Wasp and Hornet Spray

    Wasp & Hornet Spray

    Hi-Yield is a ready to use aerosol that quickly knocks down wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.  The jet stream spray shoots up to 25 feet and the spray itself has residual activity that lasts up to 6 weeks on surfaces.  Kills immediately on contact.  Do not use this product on … Read More

  • Fertilome Weed Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer Granular

    Weed Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer Granular

    This product provides excellent post-emergent broadleaf weed control on cool and warm season grasses, while providing much needed nutrients to turf.  Results in 7 to 10 days.

  • Hi-Yield Zinc Sulfate

    Zinc Sulphate

    A soil treatment used for the production of fruits and nuts.