Garden Products Designed For Our Southwest Region

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  • Arizona's Best Alka Liche

    Alka Liche

    Alka Liche breaks up hard soil for better water penetration.

  • Arizona's Best Ammonium Phosphate

    Ammonium Phosphate

    Soluble in water, this fertilizer puts a high source of nitrogen into the soil, making it rich for plant growth. Ideal for lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens, and citrus. Arizona Best 16-20-0 Lawn & Garden

  • Arizona's Best Super Iron Chelate

    Chelate Iron

    If you notice your plants turning yellow, this could be iron deficiency. Chelate Iron corrects iron deficiency in plants.

  • Arizona's Best Manganese Sulfate

    Manganese Sulfate

    This product corrects manganese deficiency in palm trees. It is used mostly for Queen Palms. If you notice frizzle top, it should be added to any fertilizer regiment. Arizona’s Best

  • Arizona's Best Palm Tree Food

    Palm Tree Food

    Specifically formulated with the nutrients needed for palm trees to thrive.

  • White Tree Trunk Paint

    Tree Trunk Paint (AZ Best)

    Used on the trunks of trees in the hot, desert areas, to prevent sunburn on fruit, citrus, ash, and ficus trees.  Arizona’s Best White Tree Trunk Paint is a non-toxic formula that reflects the sun’s UV-rays.  It is easy to apply by brush, spray, or roller.