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(Lavandula stoechas)

(Lavandula dentata)

(Lavandula heterophylla)

(Lavandula pinnata)

(Lavandula augustifolia)

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Lavender is a fragrant, purple-violet small shrub and herb.  There are several varieties, all of which need little care once established.  It does best in shaded areas with damp, well drained soil.  Blooming time is heaviest in the spring, but bloom intermittently throughout the year.  Whether used for its essential oils, as a dried flower arrangement, or simply for its fragrance and beauty, it is a great plant for dry, arid climates.  Some varieties of lavender include Spanish Lavender, French Lavender, English Lavender, Sweet Lavender, Fern Leaf Lavender, and Goodwin Creek Lavender.

Goodwin Creek Lavender has silver gray foliage and deep purple-blue flowers.

Fern Leaf Lavender has leaves shaped like a fern and blooms a lavender-blue color all year.

Sweet Lavender has a dark purple-blue flower and a much greener leaf than other lavenders.

Spanish and French Lavenders are the most fragrant of all the lavenders and are often used in cosmetics and perfumes.



Plant Information

Plant Type

Herb, Shrub



Size (H x W)

2' x 3'


Indirect Light, Shade


Low – Moderate

Flower Color


Flower Season

Spring, Summer