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A Message To Our Customers About COVID-19

We are OPEN for business!! And shall remain open for the foreseeable future!!  The cool part about working in a nursery is that we have 5 acres for our staff to practice “social distancing” as they water, prune, propagate, and care for our trees and plants. We are also taking … Read More

Yellow Orchid Vine

Also known as Butterfly Vine, this five-petaled, orchid-like flower blooms heaviest in the spring and fall.

Killzall Weed & Grass Killer

Hi-Yield Killzall Weed & Grass Killer is a post-emergent, non-selective herbicide with a multiple use formulation.  Killzall contains a formulation that dries fast to start working quickly to eliminate systemically broadleaf or grassy weeds, for lawn renovation, prevents stump regrowth, and areas near fences, paths, patios, driveways, and buildings.

Disease Control

Monterey Disease Control is a broad spectrum preventative bio-fungicide that can be used as a spray to foliage and fruit or as a drench to plant roots.  It is a blend of naturally occurring ingredients that control plant foliage diseases.  All stages of the disease is controlled, but applying before … Read More

Weed Impede

Monterey Weed Impede is a great pre-emergence herbicide for use on ornamentals, trees, roses, bulbs, ground covers, shrubs, rock gardens, driveways, and unplanted areas.  It is very economical to use.  One quart treats 10-20,000 square feet and lasts up to 6 months to control grasses and weeds.

Take Down Garden Spray

Monterey Take Down Garden Spray is an all natural insecticide that is derived from plants for plants.  It will kill all stages of insects and their eggs.  It provides broad spectrum control and is a dormant and growing season spray.  Use on vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, ornamental planting such as … Read More