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(Citrus reticulata spp)

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Tangerines are actually a type of mandarin orange and most varieties originate from south eastern Asia and the Philippines.

The fruit from this tree is sweet, juicy and famously easy to peel and the small, white flowers are very fragrant. Some tangerine varieties are Clementine, Freemont, Murcott, Dancy, and All Spice.  The Clementine variety seems to be a popular one due to its sweet taste, seedless, easy to peel, and early ripening characteristics.  Some mandarin varieties include Tango, Golden Nugget, and Kinnow.

They require a warm climate in order to thrive and produce well. Protection from the extreme cold is mandatory. Call our nursery and any one of our sales associates can tell you how to protect your citrus trees from the summer heat and during the winters in Phoenix.

Fertilize mature citrus trees in February, May, and September.

Plant Information

Plant Type

Small Tree


Asia, Phillipines

Size (H x W)

20' x 20'


Full Sun


Regular, Weekly