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(Pachypodium lamerei)

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Although it resembles a palm, and is named a palm, it is actually a succulent shrub.  It has a shiny silver trunk covered with cactus-like thorns and leaves forming at the top like a palm tree. It can survive outdoors in mild winter areas, such as Phoenix, or grown indoors as a container plant.  If grown outdoors, it will bloom  a white flower from spring through late summer and can reach a height of 15 feet.   Water requirements for this shade plant are low, but regular.  If grown as an indoor container plant it will not reach the height of one planted outdoors.  Expect it to be closer to an 8 foot range.

Plant Information

Plant Type

Cactus, Small Tree



Size (H x W)

8' x 1'


Light Shade


Low, Regular

Flower Color


Flower Season

Spring, Summer