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Burns appear as brown areas surrounded by yellow, in the center of the leaves. As leaf tissue dies, the centers fall out. Sun scald is due to overexposure to sun occuring when young trees are moved from a protected situation such as a shaded nursery to an open garden site. Tree bark cells heat up rapidly and are easily injured or killed. Recently pruned or transplanted trees are more susceptible. The bark turns dark brown, splits open and dies, usually on the southwest side ot the tree. Plant in an area sheltered from the direct sun; refer to our full sun plants and shade plants on where to plant. Transplant in cool, overcast weather, use tree wrap on trunks and major branches, painting the tree trunk, water immediately after transplanting and do not let plant get too dry. Be careful not to overwater as plants will stress. Fertilize to encourage new growth. Trees will usually recover given proper care, bark will eventually thicken to withstand sunlight conditions.