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(Prunus armeniaca)

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This small tree has white to pinkish blooms and bears fruit similar to a small peach.  Apricots are self-fruitful, they pollinate themselves so only one tree is needed to produce fruit.  Popular desert varieties are Katy, Royal, and Gold Kist.  Harvest in late May and early June.

Newly planted trees need more frequent watering until they are well-rooted.  If a new plant wilts or has dull leaves, it is a sign you aren’t watering enough.  In Arizona, watering your plants too much during the spring can cause yellow leaves and root rot.  You should take special care not to let your trees stand in pooling water.  The best time to prune your fruit tree is during the dormant season, the first months of the year.  Annual pruning controls the tree size and ensures better fruit quality.

Link to Deciduous Fruit & Nut Chart; Harvesting Calendar for the low desert: