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  • QuikPro by Roundup

    Roundup Quick Pro Herbicide

    Use this product when total vegetation kill of both weeds and grass is needed. It is a post emergent herbicide with no soil residual activity. Quik Pro for Quick Action

  • Gro More Seaweed Extract

    Seaweed Extract

    This product contains over 60 nutrient growth promoting substances, which enhance flower production, plant vigor, and overall plant growth. It produces exceptional results.  100% organic. GrowMore

  • Monterey SedgeHammer


    Formerly known as Manage Herbicide, Sedgehammer controls both yellow and purple nut grass in cool season and warm season turf grasses. It works best when mixed with a professional spreader sticker.

  • Omni Seed Cover Planting Compost

    Seed Cover and Compost

    Omni Seed Cover & Planting Compost is formulated to retain moisture and enhance soil structure.  It helps soften and loosen soil to provide for better root establishment.  Seed Cover & Planting Compost is ideal as a seed cover for new or reseeded lawn and as a top dressing in flower … Read More

  • Gro Well Seed Starter Mix

    Seed Starter Mix

    This mix has been formulated for outstanding results in seed starting or transplanting.  This premium quality organic product is composed of perlite, vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss.  It creates a soil that is light in weight, with excellent drainage properties.  Water and nutrients are absorbed and retained in the soil’s … Read More

  • Sandstone Shade Fabric

    Shade Fabric

    Coolaroo Shade Fabric, known for its all weather durability and unmatched style has levels of UV protection to suit your patio and garden needs.  Manufactured to be stain resistant, mold and mildew free, sold by the foot or by the roll.  This item comes in colors of Sandstone (pictured), Black, … Read More

  • Shake Away Rodent Repellent

    Shake Away

    Used to stop animal invasion of your property, this granular deterrent contains the scent of your pests worst enemy – the coyote, fox, bobcat, and rodents.

  • Corona Square Head Shovel

    Shovels by Corona

    Corona shovels have a strong, tempered steel blade and fiberglass handle with cushion grip. A round head shovel allows easy penetration of materials.  A square head shovel is designed for efficient lifting and moving of loose material. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Sod


    SOD can be picked up at our nursery or it can be delivered to you. See any one of our nursery professionals for details. BOBSod has the most beautiful blue-green color and the best shade tolerance of all bermudas.  It is exceptionally tough and resists scalping. E-Z Turf Sod is … Read More

  • Soft Rock Phosphate

    Soft Rock Phosphate

    Dr. Earth Soft Rock Phosphate is colloidal phosphate infused with beneficial microbes.  It provides an excellent source of natural phosphorous and calcium.  It has both short and long term growth benefits, stimulates root growth, and is great to use on bulbs, vegetables, roses, flowers, trees, shrubs and all fruiting and … Read More

  • Soil Acidifier

    Soil Acidifier

    This product reduces alkalinity in soils and supplies sulphur and chelated iron, zinc, and copper. It corrects iron deficiency in chlorotic plants and lawns, indicated by yellow leaves.

  • Happy Frog Soil Conditioner

    Soil Conditioner

    In every bag of Happy Frog Soil Conditioner you will find finely-screened, aged forest products, earthworm castings, humic acid, and bat guano that increase root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake.

  • Soil Moist Granules

    Soil Moist

    Soil Moist reduces the amount of water needed to maintain vigorous plants. When mixed into the soil, the crystals will soften and swell as water is added and absorbed. When the soil becomes dry the polymer will release its water to the plant. Soil Moist acts as a reservoir, even … Read More

  • Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker

    Spreader Sticker

    This product is used to increase the efficiency of your herbicide or pesticide application, helping it to stick to plants and to penetrate better.

  • Hi-Yield Spreader Stick

    Spreader Sticker

    Spreader Sticker increases absorption, and sticking of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers, giving complete and total coverage on surfaces. Hi-Yield

  • Fertilome Spurge Power

    Spurge Power

    This product is a three way, post emergent, selective broadleaf herbicide for use on residential turf. Fertilome

  • Bonide Stump and Vine Killer

    Stump & Vine Killer

    Bonide Stump and Vine Killer  kills without harming desirable plants.  It keeps stumps from re-sprouting after cutting.  It uses a selective systemic herbicide that is taken up quickly by roots, shoots, and foliage of target plants.

  • Hi-Yield Stump Remover

    Stump Remover

    Stump remover is a granular potassium nitrate that, when applied, kills and slowly disintegrates.

  • Monterey Sucker Stopper

    Sucker Stopper

    Use to control sprouts and sucker growth on apples, olives, pears, non-bearing citrus and ornamental woody plants.  It assists in the proper pruning of fruit trees.  It supports the growth of strong, well-spaced branches for more sun exposure.

  • Monterey Take Down

    Take Down Garden Spray

    Monterey Take Down Garden Spray is an all natural insecticide that is derived from plants for plants.  It will kill all stages of insects and their eggs.  It provides broad spectrum control and is a dormant and growing season spray.  Use on vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, ornamental planting such as … Read More

  • Thuricide

    Thuricide Concentrate

    This liquid spray kills worms and caterpillars.  It is used in organic gardens.

  • Hi-Yield Tomato and Pepper Set

    Tomato and Pepper Set

    This ready to use Hi-Yield product makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather.  It is used to promote flowering, increase blossom set, reduce end rot, and increase fruit yield.  Tomato and Pepper Set will produce larger, meatier tomatoes, ripening up to 3 week earlier.

  • Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer

    Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer

    Recommended fertilizer of choice for tomatoes and vegetables. It is natural and organic. HAPPY FROG

  • Tomato Cage

    Tomato Cages

    After fertilizing your healthy tomato plants, they will need room to keep growing and producing fruit.  Sold in three sizes of small 33″, medium 42″ and large 54″ , get your tomato cages at Elgin Nursery.

  • Corona Transplanter

    Transplanter by Corona

    A light weight, polished aluminum tool with a cushioned grip ideal for flower pots. Look for the Corona label when purchasing any garden tool.

  • Fertilome Tree and Shrub Systemic Insecticide

    Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench

    Systemic Insect Drench kills insects and prevents new infestations.  It has residual control of 2 to 4 weeks.  and rainproof protection.  This product forms a protective barrier in the soil which provides control of listed pests all season long.  Controls Aphids, Adelgids, Leaf Beetles, Vine Weevils Larvae, Leafhoppers, Borers, Leafminers, … Read More

  • Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food

    Tree and Shrub Food

    A scientifically formulated tree food that contains penetrating action, which moves the food directly to the feeder roots when applied around the tree or shrub drip line, eliminating the need to dig holes.  Great for all types of trees and shrubs including shade trees, nut trees, evergreens, citrus, tropical and … Read More

  • Organo Grow More Tree and Shrub Food

    Tree and Shrub Food

    Organo Grow Pro Tree & Shrub adds much needed sulfur that helps plants withstand weather extremes, promotes thicker root systems, sturdier leaves, improves overall color and disease resistance and improves unproductive soils.

  • Dalen Tree Guard

    Tree Guard

    Dalen Protective Tree Guard protects young trees from mower and trimmer damage.  The interlocking design adjusts to tree size.

  • Corona Tree Pruner

    Tree Pruner by Corona

    It is dangerous to stand on a ladder and use a saw to prune trees. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and use a pole tree pruner for high branches. The Corona tree pruner has a durable rope drive, a compound-action pulley system that triples your cutting power, … Read More

  • Dand-o-line Plastic Coated Wire

    Tree Staking Wire

    Anchor Dand-O-Line wire is used for tying trees. The blue wire is a braided, stronger wire.

  • White Tree Trunk Paint

    Tree Trunk Paint (AZ Best)

    Used on the trunks of trees in the hot, desert areas, to prevent sunburn on fruit, citrus, ash, and ficus trees.  Arizona’s Best White Tree Trunk Paint is a non-toxic formula that reflects the sun’s UV-rays.  It is easy to apply by brush, spray, or roller.  

  • Brown Tree Trunk Paint

    Tree Trunk Paint (Go Natural)

    Used to prevent sunburn on fruit, citrus, ash, and ficus trees. Go Natural is a brown tree trunk paint that is manufactured using a powdered colorant which provides a stronger adherence to the tree trunk.  It is sold by the quart and gallon.  

  • DeWitt Tree Wrap

    Tree Wrap

    Tree Wrap protects young trees from the sun. It is also used for thin barked trees and exposed trees. DeWitt Tree Wrap – 3″ x 50′ of breathable fabric.

  • Trellis Mounting Kit

    Trellis Mounting Kit

    Show off those gorgeous vines!  Display it on a trellis.

  • Corona Trench Shovel

    Trench Shovel by Corona

    Trench shovels have a V-angled head for efficient digging and cleaning of trenches.  They minimize bending and reduce back strain.

  • Fertilome Triple Action

    Triple Action

    This liquid form kills insects organically.  It is most effective when applied in early to mid morning or late afternoon.  Triple Action Plus and Triple Action Plus II has been remade and is now Fertilome Triple Action with 70% Neem Oil in which they have removed the PBO, making it … Read More

  • Fertilome Triple Action Plus

    Triple Action Plus

    Triple Action Plus is a multi purpose insecticide, fungicide, miticide that kills eggs, larval, and adult stages of insects and controls plant diseases.  Triple Action Plus is most effective when applied in early to mid-morning or late afternoon when adult insect pests are normally sedentary on the undersides of the … Read More

  • Turf Royale

    Turf Royale

    Turf Royale 21-7-14 is a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium designed to maximize crop yield and quality.  

  • Gro Well Vermiculite


    Horticultural Vermiculite is an essential product for all gardeners who care about raising beautiful plants.  It is superb for amending poor draining, heavy soils and for improving water retention.  The unique mineral structure allows it to increase aeration, and its vast surface area an absorb copious amounts of water.

  • Tie It Rite Vine Support Anchors

    Vine Support Anchors

    Tie It Rite Vine Support Anchors to support your vines.

  • Bonide Wasp and Hornet Spray

    Wasp & Hornet Killer

    Bonide Wasp and Hornet Killer can be used for wasps, mud daubers, hornets, yellow jackets, and carpenter bees.  It contains three active ingredients that will provide an instant and potent knockdown and kill with residual power that takes out the entire nest and prevents re-nesting.

  • Hi-Yield Wasp and Hornet Spray

    Wasp & Hornet Spray

    Hi-Yield is a ready to use aerosol that quickly knocks down wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.  The jet stream spray shoots up to 25 feet and the spray itself has residual activity that lasts up to 6 weeks on surfaces.  Kills immediately on contact.  Do not use this product on … Read More

  • Watering Wands

    Water Wand

    Dramm One Touch Rain Wand has been reviewed as one of the best.  Just a touch of your thumb makes the water flow, saving spilled water and saving you from fatigue.  This garden watering wand is constructed from rubber over molded die-cast zinc with machined brass threads and is available … Read More

  • Monterey Weed Impede

    Weed Impede

    Monterey Weed Impede is a great pre-emergence herbicide for use on ornamentals, trees, roses, bulbs, ground covers, shrubs, rock gardens, driveways, and unplanted areas.  It is very economical to use.  One quart treats 10-20,000 square feet and lasts up to 6 months to control grasses and weeds.

  • Fertilome Weed Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer Granular

    Weed Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer Granular

    This product provides excellent post-emergent broadleaf weed control on cool and warm season grasses, while providing much needed nutrients to turf.  Results in 7 to 10 days.

  • Concern Weed Prevention Plus

    Weed Prevention Plus

    This product contains corn gluten meal. It controls weeds naturally. It is recommended for the control of clover and dandelions, but mainly crabgrass in our desert areas. It is granulated and easy to apply with a spreader.

  • Safer Sticky Whitefly Trap

    Whitefly Trap

    A sticky garden trap for flying insects.

  • Hi-Yield Zinc Sulfate

    Zinc Sulphate

    A soil treatment used for the production of fruits and nuts.