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Your sweet corn should be planted where it has full sun and well drained soil.  Plant it in a large block, not long single rows, to ensure good pollination and ear development.  It requires regular watering throughout the growth cycle.  Do not allow the soil to dry at any time in the season.  There are many sweet corn varieties to choose from.  The main differences are in maturity dates and sugar content.  Late maturing varieties are better adapted to long seasons, warm temperatures, and should do well in the valley.  In the garden, it requires a large space, ample water, and close attention to nitrogen fertility.  It is probably best to stick to one variety, or at least grow all the same types (all su, all se, or all sh2) as the eating quality may be affected when they are planted together and tassel at the same time.  If cross pollination occurs, the extra sweetness of the se and sh2 types is lost and they taste like the standard variety.

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